Daemun is a Hunter class Water dragon in the Purple egg lineage, their availability is Common.

Dragon Information
Class Hunter
Element Water
Lineage Purple
Availability Common
Skills Self Destruct
Breeding Breedable at level 4

 In-Game Description Edit

Fury Drake: This dragon bathes in the blood of the defeated.


Daemun is a powerfully muscular dragon with arched bat-like wings and a sleek, wedge shaped head. The body type is reminicient of a gargoyle or demon, with a tendancy to hunch or crouch. Daemun has rich red coloring with mint green horns that angle back from the eye ridges. Daemun also has green stripes on the legs that look almost like gashes or claw marks and darker green spikes down the spine. It is a body model and re-colored version of Drude, Viscus, Noss and Karna.

Abilities + StatsEdit

  • Fireball Attack
  • Self Destruct (unlocked at level 2)

For more information, see Dragon Abilities.

Level DPS Health Max Heal XP Food
1 3,059 13,700 4m 25s 325 236
2 3,357 14,800 5m 2s 456 280
3 3,704 16,000 6m 18s 623 329
4 4,072 17,900 7m 44s 843 507
5 4,449 19,900 9m 25s 1,110 567
6 4,819 21,900 11m 12s 2,150 912
7 5,166 29,000 15m 52s 3,470 1,550
8 5,746 30,300 17m 35s 4,560 1,700
9 6,035 32,060 19m 36s 5,610 1,860
Expert 6,343 36,100 20m 34s - -


Egg - Daemun

Breedable at level 4.

Breeding Parents: Merk + Trollis


Drg daemun

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