Dragon abilities are the special skills dragons have. These skills vary per dragon and are usually specific to certain classes. Abilities may be offensive, defensive or passive.

Dragon abilities are classified into color classes. Typically, active abilities' icons immediately tell the color class, while passive abilities' icons have a grey shield surrounding the orange icon.

Red abilities can be cast but will have no effect when it targets a building inside the protection zone of a Red Mage Tower. E.g., Chain Lightning can be cast on a building inside the protection zone of a Red Mage Tower, however the spell will do no damage, there will be a pop up text "Blocked" and the spell will still consume dragon rage. There are exceptions, such as Summon Warrior, where the spell can be cast and the spectral Warrior Dragon will still be summoned despite being inside a Red Mage Tower protection zone or Self Destruct, which still does full damage to buildings outside the protection zone of a Red Mage Tower.

Blue abilities cannot be cast once the dragon enters the protection zone of a Blue Mage Tower (unlike red abilities which can still be cast although they will be blocked by the Red Mage Tower).

Icon Color Skill Rage Count Description Class
Archer Resist
Passive Archer Resist Resists Archer Towers All
Passive Cannon Resist Resists Cannon Towers All
Ballista Resist
Passive Ballista Resist Resists Ballista Towers All
Chain Lightning
Red Chain Lightning 2 Strikes buildings with lightning that chains randomly Frigg & Sorcerers
Blue Cloak 1 Dragon becomes invisible and cannot be targeted until it attacks Hunters
Cure Poison
Blue Cure Poison 1 Removes poison and prevents poison effects from being applied for the next few seconds Warriors
Blue Evasion 2 Dragon moves quickly over buildings and have a chance to dodge incoming projectiles Hunters
Explosive Shield
Blue Explosive Shield 2 Absorbs damage until depleted then explodes dealing damage to nearby buildings Warriors
White Lethal Barrier 2 Renamed version of white Explosive Shield Tarand and Sage exclusive
Red Fireball 3 Deals damage to all buildings in affected area Sorcerers
Red Divine Fireball 2 Variant of Fireball. Vulcan exclusive
Red Freeze 2 Freezes buildings in affected area Sorcerers
Fireball Attack
Fireball Attack Tap repeatedly to deal damage Hunters
Flamethrower Attack
Flamethrower Attack Hold and Drag to deal damage Warriors
Blue Havoc 3 Deals greatly increased damage with its attacks Hunters
Blue Chaos 2 Dragon deals greatly increased damage with its attacks Tengu and Fae exclusive
Red Intimidating Roar 2 Damages and weakens buildings hit for entire battle Warriors
Red Lockdown 1 Disables a building until the next time it takes damage Hunters
Lock On Attack
Lock On attack Swipe to attack up to 3 targets Sorcerers
Blue Rejuvenate 2 Restores dragon's health over time Warriors
Reverse Projectiles
Red Reverse Projectiles 2 Reflects incoming projectiles back on the attackers Sorcerers
Reverse Projectiles
Red Invert 1 Variant of Reverse projectiles. Exclusive to Ember, Nightshade, Merkt, and Kelvin
Self Destruct
Red Self Destruct 2 Self destructs and deals tremendous damage to every tower in the area Hunters
Blue Battle Cry 3 Increases damage of the user and next dragon to attack Warriors
Red Healing Mark Places a mark on a building, healing the dragon that destroys it Hunters
Stoneskin Shield
Blue Stoneskin Shield 2 Greatly reduces damage taken Warriors
Blue Invincibility Shield 2 Dragon becomes invincible briefly Sorcerers
Storm Resist
Passive Storm Resist Resists Storm Towers All
Summon Warrior

(white at one point)

Summon Warrior 3 Summons a Spectral Warrior Dragon to fight for you

Kinnarus was first introduced with a white Summon Warrior, until a spell 'remodel' was made, replacing it with Dodo Guardian

Blue Thunderstorm 2 Summon a cloud that will rain lightning bolts on buildings within range Sorcerers
Wind Wall
Blue Wind Wall 2 Deflects incoming projectiles Warriors
Blue Vampiric Touch 3 When active, gain Health and Rage on building destruction. Warriors
Red Death Gaze 1 Deal enough damage to 1 hit K.O. most buildings Hunters
Active Steal Essence Grants a spell based on last tower destroyed Hunters
White Spell flux 2 Overload and destroy a nearby mage tower Warriors and Sorcerers
Blue Rising Phoenix 2 If dragon dies during duration, springs back to life. Gains 80% health back, damages buildings in surrounding area Sorcerers
Blue Northern Lights 2 Invincibility Shield that grants either healing or rage marks when destroyed Light - Healing marks, Dark - Rage marks Sorcerers
Red Southern Cross 3 Deals damage to buildings, and restores either health or rage

Light - restores Health, Dark - restores Rage

White Celestial Dance 0 Alters nature of your spells to be light or dark versions Aquileas and Austeros exclusive
Passive Cosmic Energy When Celestial Dance is used, removes all debuffs if HP is higher than 50% Aquileas and Austeros exclusive
Blue Crystalline Shield 2 Several shards of ice protect you Hunters
White Superheated Breath 1 Increases flamethrower's damage by 20% for 3s; Mehaten's unique trait grants 20% extra solar energy, becomes piercing breath after Radiance, allowing it to pierce Ice Turret/Storm Tower shields Warriors
Passive Trebuchet Resist Resist Trebuchets All
Passive Spitfire Turret Resist Resist Fire Turrets All
Passive Ice Turret Resist Resist Ice Turrets All
Blue Heat Shield 2 Reduces incoming damage by 40%, heals 20% health over time, deals 8% maxHP on expire; unique Mehaten skill adds 25 solar power when hit by Fire Turret, becomes Blast Shield after Radiance, incinerating projectiles and initially dealing damage to buildings Warriors
Passive Lightning Resist Resist Lightning Towers All
White Ice Shock 0 Freezes and damages buildings in affected area Phasmos and Fae exclusive
Blue and White Sacrifice 0 Take damage but gain rage immediately

White is Abraxxas and Drakius exclusive

Warriors and Hunters
Red Elemental Mayhem 2 Causes Lighting and Storm towers to attack each other Sorcerers
Red, Blue Frozen Tomb 2, 1 First cast freezes buildings. Second cast shatters buildings and grants a shield Sorcerers
Red Crumble To Dust 2 Weaken an entire island. Buildings hit deal 50% damage, and take 150% damage Hunters
Red and White Dreadful Roar 2 Inflict nearby buildings with gloom clouds, dealing damage over time

White is Algor exclusive

Passive Daybreak Absorbs solar energy from damaged buildings, used to cast Radiance

5/tower, max 100

Mehaten exclusive
Blue Radiance 0 Unleash the fury of the sun to transform; destroys any projectiles in air, deals 8% maxHP, heals 21% maxHP; flamethrower attack becomes Solar Breath, dealing 15% extra damage Mehaten exclusive
Active Apophet's Shadow Has Apophet's shadow fight for you, absorbing 1/3 damage, Lock-On damage increased, benefits lost once shadow is killed Apophet exclusive
White Nightfall 1 Increases Rage generation rate, empowering next spell used (becomes white if not and doesn't consume rage) Apophet exclusive
Blue Time Shift/Rewind Using temporal energy, become an invulnerable cloud, can cast spells during Time Shift, attack to cancel. Rewind becomes available aftreward, sending you back to where Time Shift was cast Hauheset exclusive
Passive Borrowed Time Grants Temporal Energy Shards at 2/sec. Shards used to cast Rewind after Time Shift, or stay alive for several seconds after death.

4s per shard

Hauheset exclusive
White Desicating Sandstorm 1 Launch constricting sand, deals 13% MaxHP, prevents launch/blocking of spells until damage is taken Hunters