Kinnarus is a Sorcerer class Wind dragon in the Orange egg lineage, their availability is Legendary, but can become a Mythic at Emerald tier.

Dragon Information
Class Sorcerer
Element Wind
Lineage Orange
Availability Legendary
Skills Dodo Guardian, Earthquake, Invincibility Shield, Lightning Resist
Breeding None

In-Game Description Edit

Golden Summoner: A dragon with the power to create life.

Appearance Edit

Kinnarus is similar in appearance to Kinnara and Kinnarakku, but has slightly different changes. For example, Kinnarus' horns extend back and then straight up. It also has an extra pair of wings in the back of its forewings. Kinnarus is slightly embroidered with delicate gold armor on the head, legs, and tail. It has tufts of white and pink feathers on its head, neck, body, and tail. Kinnarus has feathered wings that are strong and durable. Its talons curve inward during flight.

Abilities + Stats Edit

  • Dodo Guardian (unlocked at level 1)
  • Earthquake (unlocked at level 1)
  • Invincibility Shield (unlocked at level 10)
  • Lightning Resist (unlocked at level 13)

These spells were changed to the original setup. The original Kinnarus had these spells before the complete change:

  • White Summon Warrior (unlocked at level 1)
  • Freeze (unlocked at level 1)
  • Rising Phoenix (unlocked at level 10)
  • Archer Resist (unlocked at level 13)

For more information, see Dragon Abilities.

Level DPS Health Max Heal XP Food Remarks
1 29,000 195,000 3h 41m 56,970 39,170
2 32,100 250,000 4h 18m 95,780 58,530
3 34,600 268,000 4h 18m 120,230 79,540
4 37,900 290,000 4h 18m 184,500 106,930
5 42,600 330,000 4h 18m 215,870 112,810
6 48,600 375,000 4h 18m 252,560 - Green Stone Evolution
7 70,800 530,000 4h 42m 271,860 125,560
8 79,200 602,000 4h 42m 308,630 132,470
9 86,500 743,000 4h 42m 465,180 139,750
10 90,700 800,000 4h 42m 539,980 147,440


885,000 4h 42m 589,580 155,550


1,000,000 4h 42m - - Green Stone Evolution
Expert - -

ABreeding Edit

Kinnarus is not breedable. It is unlocked in the Summer Season event, via Summer Destiny Sigils.

Gallery Edit


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