Sheep Farm L3
The Sheep Farm is a cleverly constructed farm able to generate large amount of food, able to keep the hungriest dragon satiated. It produces food.

Special Attack: Heal Neighbouring Towers

Sheep Farm
Level Min Level Per Hour Capacity Time Cost EXP
1 +30 180 15m 144
2 +60 360 1h 37m 966
3 Requires Builder L1 +114 945 3h 5m 2,304
4 Requires Builder L2 +163 1,800
5 Requires Builder L3
6 Requires Builder L4
7 Requires Builder L5 +393 7.2k 8h 21m 21.5k 45
8 Requires Builder L6 +478 8.8k 67
9 Requires Builder L7 +581 10.7k 13h 8m 30.7k
10 Requires Builder L8 +684 12.6k 16h12m 35.3k
13 +1078 18.2k 14h54m 49.1k
14 +1190 20.1k

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