FurriesUnited( Gold league): we have been in gold league and experience in Platinum league. Actively seeking for players. Your level doesnt define ur warring skills. Join us if u want to explore the pits of war and events ☺. Bunch of helpful furries standing together with u.

WarkingsFinest- (platinum league/sapphire league) 18+ currently looking for players who want to achieve the impossible; if you are also looking for a team to grow, learn and network, this is a great family to join. Minimum requirement is level 50 but if you feel you are a right candidate and active member, please message Team leader with passcode (OmanyeAba). Participation is a major requirements.

90+ ACTIVITY RATING (Platinum): Are you looking for a higher level of teammate activity? We have 2 spots currently open for players who need & give help with defending, XP runs & resource sharing. We are extremely active and require the same of all members. Level 41+ is preferred but will consider any applicant that is close. Please send In-Game message to IGN: ILLMATICA if you are interested in joining our team!

Drag0nMyAss: No dragging your fanny here. Currently in platinum with 50 members. I trained in a sapphire guild but was amazed at how many did not fully understand the strategy involved to rise through the leagues. I decided a guild focused on training as well as climbing to the top was in order. Our guild website is The forum is available to all guild members and has several helpful guides. Please apply even though we are full! I have a few that did not participate in war. They shall be replaced! Cheers! Beer Rustler, guild leader

CaribsDivision: Awesome team, with a lot of great members who love to help each other out! We're a very active platinum team with currently 47 members. Please apply if you're above lvl 40, if you're absolutely addicted to this game and like to participate in wars and events! See you soon :)

EnderDragonZ: Brand new team, working our way up Bronze league with 8 members. Join today !

WindWolves: Fun team, Bronze league, 23 members! Join us! Windrunners=Sister-clan

MLGBahi: Good team, Bronze league, 7 members.

Goldragons: Active team, Gold League Furious Horgons 1154, 45 members.

OtakuFlame: Fun, friendly team VERY VERY active! (71/100 team activity) We'd love to have more members and we all join in wars/battles. If you are inactive, you get kicked out by either the officers or the leader. If your are very active and your looking for a very active team that's friendly and fun to join, this might be the team for you!

OakWarriors: (Bronze League, but not for long?? One lonely member who's hoping someone will take pity on her tbh...) Incredibly new team! Hoping to be fun and compeditive in the future - leader is a giant nerd who's trying to take over the world who needs friends. (Ehhh? Ehhhhh? History of Japan anyone?)

TohoStudios: Scifi, Kaiju, history, etc., whatever your fandom, come hangout and have fun. We ask that you help out teammates and participate in wars or events.

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