Yazi is a Warrior class dragon in the Blue egg lineage, their availability is Epic.

Dragon Information
Class Warrior
Lineage Blue
Availability Epic
Skills Intimidating Roar, Stoneskin Shield, Lightning Resist
Breeding Breedable at level 8

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Alligator Dragon: Extra sharp teeth make tearing through opposition easy for this dragon.

Appearance Edit

Yazi is a large, muscular dragon with brown and blue coloring, and a crocodillian snout. It has two long, almost antenna-like, horns on its head. It has a row of blue spines running along its back and tail. Its snout and wing tips are tinged a teal color, with light brown/beige membranes.

Abilities + StatsEdit

  • Intimidating Roar (unlocked at level 2)
  • Stoneskin Shield (unlocked at level 5)
  • Lightning Resist (unlocked at level 9)

For more information, see Dragon Abilities.


Breedable at level 8.


Drg Yazi

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