Yersinu is a Hunter class dragon in the Gold egg lineage, their availability is Epic.

Dragon Information
Class Hunter
Lineage Gold
Availability Epic
Skills Steal Essence, Self Destruct, Sacrifice
Breeding Breedable at level 8

In-Game Description Edit

Ratfang Wyvern: This torn creature has won all its battles; imagine then the losers.

Appearance Edit

Yersinu has a blocky face with grayish skin and a ferocious set of fangs. There are thick, dark brown horns sticking out starkly from the head and the underbelly is a glowing bronze. Yersinu's wing arms are muscular with tattered wing membranes clinging to otherwise impressive dark red wings. It is a body model and re-colored version of Dactyl.

Abilities + StatsEdit

  • Steal Essence (unlocked at level 2)
  • Self Destruct (unlocked at level 5)
  • Sacrifice (unlocked at level 9)

For more information, see Dragon Abilities.

Level DPS Health Max Heal XP [Expand] Food

Breeding Edit

Breedable at level 8.

Gallery Edit

Drg yersinu